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Worrying about Stress?

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Low Self Esteem?

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Anger Management?

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According to the NICE Guidelines, CBT is the recommended treatment for depression. We will look at the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviours and the impact they have.

Anxiety & Stress

At Equilibria we work with the cognitive model of anxiety and stress to examine how our thoughts feelings and behaviours interact with each other and reducing the physical symptoms of anxiety or stress.

Anger Management

Equilibria's Anger Management services will help you to recognise your anger triggers, learn how to manage them and respond to them in a healthier way.

Welcome to Equilibria Psychotherapy and Counselling

We are a team of highly-qualified, accredited psychotherapists and counsellors, with a wide range of skills and evidence of success. We offer help to people facing personal, emotional and behavioural problems that are affecting their lives. We are here to listen, understand, and work with you to help you cope more effectively with your problems in a professional, supportive environment. Call us today, make an appointment, and get the support you need.

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Low Self Esteem

Healthy self-esteem is fundamental to living a healthy, successful and satisfying life. Fortunately since the way we feel about ourselves is learned, it can be unlearned and as the process of learning lasts a lifetime – it’s never too late.